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Festival Schedule
At various times of the year, Bhutanese poeple in towns and villages congragate to observe the mask dance festivals, know as Tsechus. These colorful evetns draw thousands of locals, some of whom walk for days in order to attend. While the underlying purpose is spiritual, dances are more often like plays in which gord triumphs over evil or depict significant historical events, especially surrounding the life of Bhutan's patron saint, Padmasambhava ( Guru Rinpoche).

There is inevitably a great deal of socializing; it is an opportunity for people to meet, relax and forget the daily routine, todress in their fienst dresses and jewelry but, more importantly, it is an occassion for prayer and blessings.The festivals are one of the manyfascinations that lure the tourists to go to Bhutan. But be warned, these festivals are genuine manifestations of religious traditions and by no means held as tourist attractions.
Sl. # Festival Place Dates - 2009
1 Punakha Dromche Punakha 1ST – 8TH MAR
2 Chorten Kora Trashiyangtse 11TH & 26TH MAR
3 Gomkora Trashigang 2ND – 4TH APR
4 Paro Tshechu Paro 5TH – 9TH APR
5 Chhukha Tshechu Chhukha 7TH – 9TH APR
6 Ura Yakchoe Bumthang 5TH – 9TH MAY
7 Nimalung Tshechu Bumthang 30TH JUN – 2ND JUL
8 Kurjey Tshechu Bumthang 2ND JULY
9 Thimphu Drupchen Thimphu 23RD – 27TH SEPT
10 Wangdi Tshechu Wangdi Phodrang 26TH – 28TH SEPT
11 Thimphu Tshechu Thimphu 28TH – 30TH SEPT
12 Tamshingphala Choepa Bumthang 27TH – 29TH SEPT
13 Tangbi Mani Bumthang 3RD – 5TH OCT
14 Jambay Lakhang Drup Bumthang 2ND – 6TH NOV
15 Prakhar Duchhoed Bumthang 3RD – 5TH NOV
16 Mongar Tshechu Mongar 25TH – 27TH NOV
17 Pemagatsel Tshechu Pemagatsel 25TH – 27TH NOV
18 Trashigang Tshechu Trashigang 26TH – 28TH NOV
19 Nalakhar Tshechu Bumthang 2ND – 4TH DEC
20 Trongsa Tshechu Trongsa 25TH – 27TH DEC
21 Lhuntse Tshechu Lhuntse 25TH – 27TH DEC

Please note that all efforts have been made to confirm the festival dates.
Please mail us if you have any queries regarding the dates or need to reconfirm any particular festival.

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